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Become an impactful communciator


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Let's get started!

Hi. I’m Katrine.


Awakener, Coach & Mentor of Conscious Communication


I help you connect to yourself and others, so you can be happier, healthier and live being true to yourself.



Here are some FREE resources to start your Journey into becoming a Conscious Communicator and leader of yourself.


Because how can you expect to lead others if you don't know how to lead yourself? 




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Your inner POWER 

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‚ÄĚ Connection, Sharing, Acceptance,¬† Expansion & playfulness are my core values.


They are the backbone of me-like my spine.

They act as my inner compass and guidance in all my interactions with people.  


They came to life in 2019 on my NLP Trainer Course, on the beautiful Island of Crete in Agia Pelagia. 

They are all related to my WHY;

"To create a world where we all want to belong, because we are seen, listened to and included for who we are and can become"

Spread more LOVE into communication & connections, so we can  create more conscious leadership.



“The world needs conscious communicators who have the courage to speak & share their message through their unique presence. These leaders are role models to others"
Katrine Selvik


I am a curious Norwegian learner, trainer & coach, dedicated to helping you become the leader you’re born to be, so you can make the impact you want.

I’m proud that I at 40  followed my heart to start a business that transforms people. Through my training programs and workshops, I have helped hundreds of leaders like you to dream big, break barriers and create the impact that they want.


I’m often asked -

"Why do you do what you do?"


People are my biggest passion. It is from our differences we learn, evolve, innovate and can explore our potential. When we manage to accept and appreciate our differences, we can turn them into opportunities and break through innovation.

Unleashing this potential can change the world!

Together we can create a world where we all want to belong. 

This is my Dream, my Vision, my Why!