Leader & Team Coaching

It all starts with you- the leader. Leap into the unknown-exploring your true and authentic potential. Embrace diversity and start turning differences into opportunities.


Learn online, on your own and in your time,  how to lead yourself and others to become more than you already are. Discovering the essence of you.


Explore the dynamics of diversity and the wonders of great connections and self-development. Learn how to sense more than the words you speak. 




Leaders walk your talk

Let's explore more of you- the Leader 



⭐ Discover your inner passion, vision and mission as a leader and why this matters

⭐ Dare to break the barriers holding you back from being the leader people want to follow and you love to be

⭐ Lead with passion, inner strength and presence- in a natural way, being true to who you are, igniting the motivation of your people



✔️ This is for you if you are tired of leading like "the others"...a form that doesn't fit you

✔️ This is for you if you want to explore more of your potential and willing to enter unexplored territory

✔️ This is for you if you belive your impact matter and that people can achieve great things and become more than they already are


Expect to... 


✔️ Become an (in)credible role model to others

✔️ Influence people with your natural presence & power

✔️ Create a culture where people thrive, laugh and are proud to be part of

✔️ Lead your team with enthusiasm and achieve results- together, making it  meaningful to everyone

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Diversity is both difficult & enriching.  It can facilitate change & stimulate innovation.


I believe the key to success, starts with a curious attitude seeking to understand the value of our differences and be willing to unite them for success towards our common purpose.


Katrine Selvik


Teams unite your differences

Let's create teams that thrive and deliver results beyond expectations



It all starts with you. 

You are the leader, the role model, the initiator and the activator of freeing your teams POWER &  POTENTIAL.

Let's create a culture with a compelling vision and identity, where you and your people want to belong.  

⭐ Learn how to communicate for great connection

⭐ Experience how connection create relationships of trust

⭐ Discover the power of trust and how it sparks innovation & a strong sense of joy and purpose within the team


✔️ This is for you who believe people on your team are key to deliver desired results

✔️ This is for you who believe diversity creates possibilities and more opportunities for everyone 

✔️ This is for you who want to create an environment of trust where people dare to be themselves- stimulating  innovation beyond expectations...


Expect to... 


✔️ Develop great communicators who knows how to create win-win situations 

✔️ More engagement and participation and new ideas on problem solving

✔️ A thriving culture where people excel together

✔️ Passionate employees who are motivated, helping each other and extend their sense on responsibility with pride

Why Vision, Mission & Passion

 are Critical Success Factors

"You come to a point where you do not work for money."

- Walt Disney

"How can a company with 20 employees outperform a company with 1,000 employees?"

- Robert Dilts

The Impact of the Vision and Mission


Successful companies  have a clear direction and a vision that all employees are part of.

The vision attracts employees and motivates them to participate and contribute to do a great job.

Great leaders have changed the world with powerful and compelling visions.

"I still have a dream, a dream deeply rooted in the American dream – one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed."

- Martin Luther King

The Power Print Method 


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“People want to follow leaders who are great role models to others.

Leaders follow companies that have a compelling and purposeful vision, reflecting the most empowering passions, values and beliefs of people”


Katrine Selvik

"I cannot describe well what I see in the distance, but whatever it is, it is grand and glittering."

- Walt Disney