Leader & Team Coaching

Who you are is how you lead. Create your vision and learn how to turn differences into opportunities.


Learn online, on your own, how to lead yourself and others to become more than you already are.


Explore the dynamics of group connections, the wonders of great communication and self-development. 



Let's develop you- the Leader 



✔️ This is for you if you  want to develop your "own" authentic leadership style

✔️ This is for you if you want to explore your own potential and become more than you already are

✔️ This is for you if you want to lead by empowering your team to thrive and deliver beyond expectations


Here is how we roll: 

⭐ Discover your passion, vision and mission as a leader

⭐ Define your authentic leadership style & philosophy

⭐ Explore your core values and strengthen your beliefs

⭐ Walk your talk


❤️ You become an inspiring leader and credible role model to others

❤️ You build trust and influence people and processes

❤️ You create a culture where people thrive & want to belong

❤️ You lead your team with enthusiasm and achieve desired results- together

           Expected results and Improved Performance           


  • You lead with motivation and a clear direction
  • You master to always be resourceful even in the midst of uncertainty and chaos
  • You create & improve relationships that spark innovation & problem solving  
  • You connect with all types of people in a natural and elegant way
  • You master challenges and change with ease
  • You learn how to successfully set up your “inner game”  
  • You develop your success factors (the difference that make the difference) for personal and team performance 
  • You become a role model unleashing the potential in others and deliver results beyond expectations



Let's co-create successful teams that thrive. 


Who are We?

What is our Vision?

What is our Why?


If you and your team already have a GREAT working environment, a common understanding and  meaningful answers to the questions above.. you don't need this training.

If not- READ on!  Because it all starts with you. 

You are the leader, the role model, the initiator and the activator of your team.

Let's create a culture with a compelling vision and strategy and an environment where people want to belong.  


✔️ This is for you if you want to lead a team that delivers beyond expectations

✔️ This is for you if you believe your team has more potential for growth

✔️ This is for you who want to create an environment of trust where people dare to be themselves

✔️ This is for you who believe diversity creates possibilities and more opportunities for everyone

✔️ This is for you who want to lift your people to become more than they believe they can

✔️ This is for you who want to lead from the heart, with empathy, enthusiasm and a clear direction

✔️ This is for you who want to be known for creating attractive cultures and environments where people want to belong




Here is how we roll: 

  • Discover and clarify the passion, vision, mission, ambition and roles in your team
  • Communication to attract and inspire employees, customers, investors and partners 
  • Co-create success mindsets, initiating behaviors and actions  to create groundbreaking results

"Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with passion."

- Brian Chesky

"Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your customers." 

- Stephen R. Covey

Why Vision, Mission & Passion

 are Critical Success Factors

"You come to a point where you do not work for money."

- Walt Disney

"How can a company with 20 employees outperform a company with 1,000 employees?"

- Robert Dilts



The Impact of the Vision and Mission


Successful enterprises have a clear direction and vision that all employees share.

Employees are trusted and self-motivated with a clear role and contribution.

The vision attracts employee and motivates them to do a great job and be a trusted team player knowing their role on the team.

Great leaders have changed the world with powerful and compelling visions.

"I still have a dream, a dream deeply rooted in the American dream – one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed."

- Martin Luther King

The Barrier Breaker Method

Who you are is how you lead!


Learn more

“People follow leaders they believe in, and leaders follow companies that have a compelling and winning vision, reflecting the most empowering passions, values and beliefs of people”

Katrine Selvik

My method is inspired by my 15 year experience as an employee and Communication Leader, knowledge of neuroscience and how the brain and body works, combined with mindfulness and "Success Factor Modeling" (Dilts Strategy Group).  

This method is applicable to all countries, cultures and people for business, leader and team development.

Read more about the latter here:



Step 1:

Develop the passion, the area in which people love to be, working in a “flow state”, a state of mind where exceptional results simply “flow out” with ease

Step 2:

Develop the Vision, an ideal representation of the world in which we would like to live. The Vision is an abstract image, not clearly defined, but inspiring, emotionally charged, extremely powerful and motivating.

The purpose of the Vision is to inspire people to action, to be more resourceful and a better version of ourselves

Step 3:

Develop the Mission, our unique contribution to realize the vision. The Mission can take more than a whole life to be accomplished, it’s our lighthouse, giving us the sense of “meaning and purpose”

Step 4:

Develop our Role, our function and the set of related actions that we carry out to accomplish the mission

Step 5:

Develop the Ambition, the challenging and rewarding results that will satisfy our personal Ego, that will give us the sense of recognition and fulfillment.

Step 6:

Develop the Business Model and the Action plan to turn the “work” into reality

"I cannot describe well what I see in the distance, but whatever it is, it is grand and glittering."

- Walt Disney