How I went from curious adventurer traveling the world, to helping entrepreneurs and leaders create a life and business they love.

I couldn’t choose just one thing to be in life, so my first of many ADVENTURES started at 19. I still consider it to be the most important life wisdom and education I’ve ever had. All my friends started their career, and in a way I did too….

World Adventure, Tango and a Backpack

All my life, I’ve been curious about human potential and what we can do and become.

Why do some people struggle while others find a way to thrive amongst chaos and poor conditions and often despite the most challenging circumstances?

Why do some people want to EXPLORE while others are happy staying where they are, doing what they’re doing?

I wanted to know, what exactly it is that makes people genuinely happy so they can lead a fulfilling, happy and meaningful life.

These questions led me, an adventurous 19-year-old Norwegian to wander on my first ADVENTURE, lasting for 1,5 years. I travelled the world by myself with a backpack, a couple of outfits to “re-wear”, a mosquito repellent and an open mind ready to explore and discover. Basically, I then lived what we today call living “off the grid”.

My travels opened up a completely new world to me and I learnt so much about people. People I met, fellow travelers and natives opened up and gave me a peak into their “lives”.

I quickly felt that to create connection with people was one of my gifts, giving me meaning and a deep sense of purpose. In short- it made me feel GOOD!

My second big adventure took me to Australia for International Business Studies and some passionate Tango dancing in the streets of Buenos Aires.

School of Life & the Corporate world

Upon my return, the corporate International world was calling me for 8 years.

At 40 I quit the security of the 9-5 job, began consulting and doing a multitude of odd jobs to keep the “wheels turning” while I slowly built a coaching business.

However, I still say this: The School of Life, our unique experiences, skills and lessons we learn and ‘stuff’ we figure out as we continue our journey, is the most valuable. This is what really makes us grow, expand and improve to lead ourselves better. 

Passions in Life as an Entrepreneur

The honest truth is that I didn’t really want to become an entrepreneur, but I just couldn’t ignore that whispering “voice” anymore. The voice within that had been calling me for a while…So I finally listened and left to follow my passion and my dream.

These days you can find me working with leaders and teams on live workshops or online trainings, teaching them how to develop their leadership style and philosophy, connecting and communicating with all types of people, leading themselves and others in natural ways creating fun atmospheres and environments were people thrive and want to belong.

I also lead yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates and Zumba classes, teaching people to be present, connect with their body, breathe and lead themselves in resourceful ways while having fun.

In addition, I spend my time creating content, programs and processes to help my clients break barriers and create the impact they want, so they can become the leaders they were born to be.

I am mostly known for my enthusiasm, my energy and optimistic outlook on life and for passionately believing in the unexplored potential in all people.

People often refer to me as enthusiastic, energetic and colorful, who sees everyone for who they are, wanting people to succeed with their goals, finding meaning and purpose in life.

The things I am most passionate about in life are: personal growth, music, dancing, connecting with people, cultures and traditions, sharing knowledge and learn from others, traveling, laughing, having fun and create atmospheres and feel-good vibes for others.

Bootcamp & Bergen

When I’m not busy working on showing up for you or creating content and programs for my clients, you can catch me working out at Barry’s Bootcamp in Bergen, walking my dog Leo or socializing with friends solving world problems or just laughing having everyday fun.

I live in Bergen, the second “biggest” city in Norway, with my boyfriend and my son. I am fortunate to live close to a lake, so access to nature is easy. This has come to mean a lot to me.

I love to travel and I especially love the people, places, food and traditions in Latin-American & Caribbean countries. Argentina, Peru and Cuba are some favorites. I also love the pristine waters and nature of Croatia.

Lead from the Heart

I love serving the world by being a role model to others and inspire and help others discover their true passion, becoming the leader they were born to be, so they can make the impact they want.

I teach people how to find their voice and lead themselves and others in line with their values, in natural, fun and practical ways, being true to themselves

This can be leaders who need help with effective communication and collaboration to motivate and engage their team to go in the same direction, creating success for themselves and the company.

Often, this is people who are also yearning for a better work-life balance for themselves, finding more meaning and purpose in their life.

It can also be people who are struggling with how to lead and manage the role of a leader, without fear of feeling a fraud, worrying that they might fail, that they are not good enough nor capable of living up to other peoples’ expectations.

Most of them want to grow and develop their own leadership style and philosophy, being true to their values.

As a trainer and coach, I’ve been applauded on by professional associations, from National Healthcare to National Art Galleries.

5 secrets about me

  1. I was once engaged to a sheep shearer from Australia
  2. I am born and raised in Norway, but have ancestors from Ireland, Whales and the Andes!
  3. I lived in Cuba for 6 months, teaching English, dancing salsa and learning how to “get by” the Cuban way
  4. I am scared of heights, but still like to challenge myself even if my heart is racing
  5. For 6 years I gave away my power, “waiting” for someone I believed was “the one and only”, living without joy and enthusiasm.

Still here? Great! Let’s connect.