You have a DREAM!

Jul 13, 2020

"I have a DREAM"- I remember the scene from the infamous speech of Martin Luther King.... 

It was such a POWERFUL & AUTHENTIC dream.... A dream for the PEOPLE....for the COLLECTIVE.....given by one single man, on behalf of millions, if not billions of people in our world.

I remember this awakened something within that time, being a young girl...seeing this brave man speak. speak from his heart to other never left me...

As life went by, I realize now that I was always looking for my dream. Not explicitly in the front of my mind, but definitely subconsciously...

I was curious about the world, places, history, traditions, languages, ways of thinking & most of all people.  This curiosity brought me to many places, meeting many people from all walks of life. Common for them all- they were HUMAN beings, sharing much of the same traits, however each and every one of them were unique and different.

I learnt so much about people & it really intrigued me to try to understand where they were coming from…why they thought & acted like they did.

Sharing stories, laughing together, connecting even without speaking the same language…we had FUN.

CONNECTION is the foundation of my DREAM that I later became aware of.

As I let the zest of life & my curiosity lead me, I DISCOVERED & learned….but I also got confused and started looking for my PATH. I asked myself: “Shouldn`t I have a dream”?

I think my immediate answer to this was…..”I am not sure……maybe it’s only for people that can do GREAT things, like Martin Luther King”.

So, I let it be…… and life continued.

What I came to realize in this life, is that ALL important questions, issues & themes that we human beings care about- ALWAYS come back knocking at our DOOR.. demanding that we pay attention…even if it is uncomfortable and we don’t have an answer to it.

It’s our CALLING…. it’s something beyond our conscious and brilliant mind that eagers to tell us something, or at least demand our attention to further discover what it is.

Even though, unconsciously I knew….I pretended it didn’t matter and I continued my life, doing the “expected” one, that society predicts for us. I knew it wasn’t right…..and it’s AMAZING how we human beings can adapt & continue a path that we at the end of the day, don’t like…

Finally, I listened.

I quit my secure & well-paid job, to go follow my passion: PEOPLE.  To learn more about us, the race & how we work, what we are capable of and what are the unique difference that makes the difference for success or not.

To jump into the unknown, with faith & a belief that I would figure it out. I knew there was a DREAM out there, for me too.

Just as I know today-that there is a dream out there for all of us.  

I have a dream, he said, with a clear voice, determined & filled with hope & FREEDOM for the people.

Just as I, teach people how to break barriers to free themselves from limiting beliefs, old patterns & stories, to learn how to break FREE, discover their passion & be true to you.

When you are true to you, your passion pulls you, and you are capable of leading from your heart.  

Cause when you lead from the heart; it is not about Martin, and it’s no longer ONLY about you!